STREETMEDIA is an underground small batch clothing brand producing highest quality streetwear for urban athletes and artists. Rooted in Parkour, STREETMEDIA started as a group of friends simply making parkour videos for YouTube back in 2010. 

We are not a fast fashion business. We order small batches (usually 50-100 units per order) in order to ensure nothing goes to waste and to keep things consistently fresh. 

In 2014 we created our first t-shirt as a test to see if we can produce clothing that we are proud of. 

It wasn't until 2018 that we created our first collection of clothing, which was immediately popular. 

Since then, we have collaborated with other people, brands and artists to create what we know as STREETMEDIA today. 

We strive to create products that embody our sense of fashion, as well as provide comfort while training, moving, travelling or at parties. We dress athletes, dancers, music artists, creators, and more...

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