Let us start off by saying something probably very obvious - running events like the STREETMEDIA SOCIAL is no easy task!

We are always putting in daily work to improve the event and shape it into something to remember. However, an event like the SM SOCIAL requires more than just our hard work and effort, it also needs the backing and support from our community and the circle of people around SM. We are so lucky in that we have so many supportive friends, brands, artists and businesses surrounding us, and willing to invest their time, money and effort into our event.

This year, we have multiple sponsors getting on board supplying us with prizes for our 8x giveaways, read on to find out exactly who is sponsoring us this year and some of the prizes on offer...


The Storror boys are back again for year 2 of the SM SOCIAL. The Brighton based boys need no introduction. A huge supporter of events like ours, Storror have stepped in this year and supplied us with some of the best of their range of products. Expect to see products such as the Sling Bag, Explore Backpack, and Chalk Hoodie as some of the prizes up for grabs this year. 



Gapz Magazine produce incredible prints and magazines featuring Parkour culture, events, and more. Based out of the Midlands, Gapz have been creating Parkour prints, photography and magazines for many years now. 

Last year, Gapz magazine supplied us with a few copies of their first edition mag 'the big wall open' as prize giveaways. Now, Gapz are back for the SOCIAL V2 and are hooking us up with their latest edition. Big thanks to Ivorev from Gapz mag for sorting us out for the second year running! One lucky winner will recieve their newest print edition. 



Kipa are a Parkour team and brand from Sweden. These boys have been leading the way for Parkour magazines and print for many years now, with their first edition magazine releasing back in 2019.

Kipa have become a prolific team and brand within the world of Parkour since their first videos and magazine drop. Since then, their influence has grown and these lovely Swedes are now producing some of the best Parkour content out there. STREETMEDIA has loved the content, clothing and prints from KIPA for as long as we remember, and we are so excited have them on board our list of sponsors this year!

Kipa has donated their latest print edition as part of the prize giveaways for this years STREETMEDIA SOCIAL. One lucky winner will take it!



The Commons are a collective of athletes, event organisers, writers, film producers, photographers and more, all pushing for progression in the world of Parkour. Based in Boston, USA, The Commons see collaborations with the global community and are widely regarded as leading the scene in the States. Orginally founded in 2019, The Commons have since grown to be hugely successful in their projects, events and content. 

The Commons is led by David Ehrlich, Alec Reduker and Egg, and they work with multiple athletes and creatives, such as Manor, The Beans, and Spiffie Hippie.

One of the most notable of creations from The Commons their annual event, Join or Die. JOD is an event in the USA celebrating Parkour culture, by bringing together hundreds of people and showcasing music, art, clothing and more. While most of SM haven't yet attended JOD, it is certainly on our bucket list...

This year, The Commons are back to sponsor the SM SOCIAL V2 with prize giveaways.



We are eternally grateful to have so much support from our sponsors and community for this event. To be able to have such creative and prolific brands on board with us this year is a blessing. 

Be sure to cop your ticket for the STREETMEDIA SOCIAL V2, you don't want to miss it...

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