The inspiration for the SM SOCIAL comes from the raw talent that we see every day in our community. When we were first planning the event, we knew we wanted to use it to showcase the independent brands and artists that we train with, chill with, or just love thier work.

The SM SOCIAL V1 in 2023 saw 5 independent pop up shops set up during the Novacity Jam, a street food vendor, and DJ sets powered by our local sound system heroes, Resonant Sounds.

With new locations, and new talent, the SOCIAL V2 is set up to be one to remember.

This time round, The SM SOCIAL V2 will host 8 incredible brands and artists, displaying some of the best work from our community, and selling their creations.

Announcing the official line up of brands, artists, DJ's, and talent we have on board this year for THE STREETMEDIA SOCIAL V2...



Pariah Clan is back for round two, after joining us last year for the SM SOCIAL V1.

Pariah are a Brighton based Parkour streetwear brand known for their huge meticulous prints and dark aesthetics. Pariah brings an authentic edge to Parkour clothing, something we appreciate a lot. 

More recently, the owner and artist Jai Battrick is also making a name for himself with his tattoo work, which follows his unmistakable styles seen from Pariah Clan. This year, Jai will not only be selling Pariah clothing, but you also have the chance to be tattoo'd by Jai from his select flash artworks. Be sure to jump on this rare opportunity to try on various Pariah fits and see Jai inking in his trademark style.

We are very excited to be welcoming Jai back for his second year at the SM SOCIAL, who will be running the Pariah Clan pop up shop on Sunday 7th. 


David Blogg is a renowned designer of technical sportswear, bags and accessories for everyday use. Another Brighton boy, David has worked with brands such as Storror to design, cut and sew some of their most iconic recent releases.

With a heavy emphasis on detail, utility and durability, all of the creations from Bloggy have a distinct feel and look of quality. 

Bloggy's unique style has stood out to us for years, and after becoming close with him during events such as Project Next Gen (view the trailer here), we knew we wanted to get him in on a project such as the SM SOCIAL. 

We are honoured to have Bloggy returning for round two, this time to be setting up an exclusive pop up selling By Bloggy, a range of unique cut and sew garments and accessories handmade by the man himself.



A new addition to this years line up of brands and artists, we are proud to announce BOREDOM IN THE UK.

Recently, Noah met with owner Will at an event in Derby and was inspired by his creations. Instantly, we knew we wanted Boredom to be involved with the upcoming SM SOCIAL.

Heavily tied with skating, Boredom pioneers the scene in Derby and creates some of the most authentic designs we have seen from that area of the UK. 

Blending bold screen prints with heavy embroidery across tees, hoodies, sweaters, jackets and more, Boredom has a unique and tasteful style. We are so excited to be welcoming Boredom to the SM SOCIAL this year. 


Brandon Morris is an artist and painter based in STREETMEDIA's hometown of Derby.

A close friend of Isaac Harwood (chef and DJ), Brandon has been involved in the circle for some time now. Recently, Noah and Joe O'Brien attended 'Zah Zah and friends', a grassroots event in the streets of Derby put on by Brandon and his collective of brands, artists, rappers and DJ's. Attending this event was inspiring and introduced SM to some incredible artists and brands.

After Zah Zah and friends was finished, we knew we wanted Brandon to set up a pop up at the SM SOCIAL selling his incredible artworks. Expect to see prints, paintings, and illustrations in Zah Zah's trademark styles this July...



Mel is back for her second year at the SM SOCIAL. Based in Bilbao, North Spain, Mel creates graffiti artworks, prints, clothing and accessories. A prolific graffiti artist in her home city, Mel's unique styles can be seen across a range of her creations. With popping colour combinations, cute characters and a hate for cops, her artworks are hard to mistake. 

As the only artist at the SM SOCIAL from outside the UK, Mel brings design elements to her works that are usually unseen by English eyes. Expect to see new products, illustrations, prints and more this year round!


Local legend and hero of the north, Adam Dore will be setting up his pop up shop this year at the SM SOCIAL. Adam will be selling some incredible photography and prints of our community, including some sick shots from last years SM SOCIAL. Adam is a huge supporter of grassroots events like ours and he consistently pushes for positivity and progression within the world of Parkour. We are excited to be able to host his pop up shop this year round! Be sure to check out his works at his pop up this July...


Fifthunit are back for their second year at the SM SOCIAL, and after releasing a number of sick products since last year we are really excited to see what they have for sale at their pop up shop this year. These Brighton based boys always bring the correct vibes for the SM SOCIAL.

Last year, the boys ran the Fifthunit jam in Brighton which we attended despite the heavy rain. It was sick to see the boys running a street event and if you didn't make it down there, you missed out. Noah won a can of Fifthunit Fosters which remains un-drunk in our display cabinet to this day. 

Be sure to check in on their pop up and browse through their latest drops including the incredible looking Fifthunit denim!


Last but certainly not least, we are excited to announce a new addition to the SM SOCIAL: Scruffy Boys.

Hailing from the south of England, Scruffy Boys have been on the scene for many years creating real gritty and authentic videos. 

After mingling for many years with these boys, it makes perfect sense to bring them in for the SM SOCIAL V2. 

Back in 2022, Noah and Rachel flew out to Bilbao to take part in Project Next Gen (view the trailer here) alongside some of the Scruffy crew. During this time we spent hours training, chilling and getting into all sorts of mischief, and grew very fond of these lovely southern lads. 

Scruffy Boys not only produce some incredible Parkour content, but have also delved deep into graphic design and clothing, creating some true-to-Scruffy designs that we love to see. David Blogg (@by.bloggy) is himself one of the Scruffy crew, so naturally, we expect to see some sick products coming from Scruffy. Make sure you come check out the Scruffy pop up shop this year!



The STREETMEDIA SOCIAL is a dream come true for me. To be able to gather friends and family all in one place to support each other, network and build business and creativity is all I ever wanted from this event. STREETMEDIA has always been around music, fashion, soundsystems, and art. To be able to showcase our selections of talented brands and artists from our circle is truly an honour. 

I have been involved in the world of Parkour for 14 years. During these many years I have had the privilage of becoming good friends with some of the most talented people, who continue to inspire me to this day with their creativity, mindset and talents.

Being stuck in a somewhat dead city for most of my life served as a constant reminder to push for something bigger, and move away. After moving to Sheffield from Derby and becoming close friends with the community here, people like Liam Norbury, Adam Dore and Elise Bickley continue to inspire me with their passion, work ethic, style and creativity.

It's because of people like these, and all the incredible friends I have that drove me to organise this event. To bring people together for a positive, productive and overall fun time was my entire aim for THE STREETMEDIA SOCIAL.  

I want to personally thank all the sponsors, supporters, attendees, brands, and artists involved with the SM SOCIAL. 


We are so proud to be working with so many inspiring and creative brands and artists for the STREETMEDIA SOCIAL V2. Don't miss your opportunity to see their incredible creations in person, meet the owners, and be a part of the UK's biggest grassroots street Parkour event. 

Secure your ticket today! 

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