the STREETMEDIA Social, The UK's biggest grassroots street Parkour gathering, hosting talent from select DJ's. brands and artists. Secure your ticket today, don't miss out!


Last year, we put on our first event ever, the STREETMEDIA SOCIAL V1 in our hometown of Sheffield. We brought together people from all over the globe to celebrate Parkour, fashion, music and sound systems, and it was a great success (minus one gnarly injury) that created memories for everyone attending and working on the event. 

We are incredibly excited to announce that we are back for round 2...

This year, we are taking it even further back to the roots of STREETMEDIA, and hosting the street jam in Nottingham, UK.

This city is very special to us, and after the event has finished, we hope it will be for you too...

The STREETMEDIA SOCIAL is a yearly event, made with the aim to bring people together to train, party, and support the network of incredible brands and artists that make our community. 

We want to continue to use this event to strengthen the scene, promote talent, and create avenues for people to show their products and creations to a wider audience. 


The STREETMEDIA SOCIAL V2 will be held on the 6th and 7th of July 2024 across 3 iconic Nottingham locations, followed by music acts and DJs and a Novacity jam with selected brands and artists holding pop up shops.

Make sure you organise your travel from Nottingham to Novacity for the afterparty on the night of the 6th! Trains cost around £10 and take around 1 hour. 

Tickets are available online now, don't miss out...

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