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"INTERBAE" Crewneck Jumper

"INTERBAE" Crewneck Jumper

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black front chest print of the 'interbae' doll

double sleeve design feature

woven label on the left arm's double sleeve

inner woven label

beautifully comfortable cotton/polyester blend

the design of this piece is based on the creepy doll that the members of SM found on the floor in Copenhagen during the first stop of the 50 day Europe tour back in 2014. Named "inter-bae" because our trip was done entirely on trains using an interailling ticket, essentially a pass for any train in Europe for 50 days. The word "bae' was just starting to circulate the internet at the time too. The doll was strapped to the back of our rucksacks and came with us on the whole journey and was then brought back home to Derby after the trip.

Big thanks to @birthoftragedytattoos for drawing up this design.

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